The great thing about San Diego is the people.

No one is from here.

But in life, one drinks many beers, and crosses many paths. I crossed paths with Brew Master Bue years before we met, in Salt Lake City Utah.

Although we walked the same streets and played the same football fields, it happened at different times in the beehive state.

Yet our paths, and like mindedness, led us back to San Diego, California.

When we got together to brew this Oktoberfest style beer our aim was to keep it close to our roots.

Jeff decided to blend a traditional German style beer (my last name is Muns, hence the name) with a Southern California twist. We went with White Labs California 0001 yeast to accomplish just that.

The result was a balanced, flavorful, and crisp draught that finished smooth and refreshing.

The Münsingen is a beer I recommend brewing for one major reason: even a beginner (like myself) can end up with a beer to be proud of.

This was my first homebrew.

Even though I may be a rookie at watching the thermometer, it still ended up being the best beer to ever hit my tastebuds.

The best part is the process.

There's just nothing like drinking ice cold beers with a best friend, while learning how to brew your first.

Even better is the wait, the anticipation, of drinking said beer when it's ready to crack one open.

You can pay $20 for a Pliny the Elder, but trust me, you're not going to enjoy it as much as a Münsingen.

Check out Jeff’s recipe by clicking here to experience it yourself.

Change an ingredient or two, call it your own, but if you're new to brewing I recommend this one as an excellent starting point.