So It's been five years since I've updated this site and I figure since now I've just recently been brewing my own beer I should make a post. I'll upload some new pics and videos and go through what I've done and the experiences.

It all started probalby when I went back to my old man's place for christmas one year and he just got done brewing the most wonderful of all cream ale's The Panty Dropper. Now listen to me when I say this shit was legit. One of the best beers I've every had. Think of the best cream ale you've ever drank, know image that same ale being poured down the drain or in the gutter, because it reminds you of some rotten garbage beer compared to this sweet necture of the gods brewed by this old retired Navy dude in his basement. This beer was so delicouse it lived up to it's name by causing my girlfriend Sarah to pass out on the bathroom floor that night. I my self would of also passed out if I wasn't so much of a badass.

During that Christmas weekend I got to brew a nut brown with my dad and it was not only fun but educational. I never got to drink the one we brewed together but he said it wasn't that bad and drank it all to him self. It was a year later when Sarah got me a brew at home kit by Brooklyn Brewery. I told my dad what I got for Christmas and he was super excited that I was going to start brewing at my house. He printed me out a 7 page intruction document of what exactly to do when I started. Unfortuantly, well maybe fortunatly, I keep blowing it off from one saturday to the next untill my dad came out to visit my on Labor Day. We made it a point to brew that gallon kit together, and that's all it took for me to get hooked to brewing. We spent all day saturday mashing, broiling, and bottling the kolsh style blond, it actually took about 5 hours from 8am to 2ish. By that time we we're half way through our first 24 pack of the day. Then we headed off to the Coronado Brewing Co. tasting room over on Knoxville St. and got super wasted, my dad knocked over like 3 beers and I could barely walk even with my dog Guinness leadig the way.

We suffered through the next day and drank through out the weekend, knowing that we did a pretty good job brewing that gallon of beer. Over the next two weeks it just sat in my closet fermenting, and during that time I got the itch to brew again. So I called up my dad and asked him some questions of what I should do next, luckly for me San Diego is a meca of craft beer, so it was easy to decide to drive down to Ballast Point and buy some grain, hops, and yeast. Then the ball just started rolling, weekend after weekend I started brewing gallon batches, ...unitll.

Let me tell you 6 hours of work for just a couple of beers doesn't quit cut it. When for just a little more investment and the same amount of time you could get a whole hell of a lot more. But before I get into that, check out below for some pics and words I have for my first couple of gallon brews. Starting with the Beyond Blond, Kolsch Style Ale.