To Heroes IPA

It's been a minute but we're back, back and swinging with a massive hit! To Hereos IPA was a YUGE success, where the taste of such a remarkable experience was only matched by the noteworthiness of such a significant name.

This beer was tasted and enjoyed by the most of any other BueBeer ever created, thats including a 4th of July celebration, a five gallon keg off, and a work wide tasting. Lucky we brewed just enough for just about everyone, that could, could have tasted. From May to August, this beautiful beer was sipped and guzzled amongst family and friends with out any problems or concerns, but only love, light, and goodness. A beer that everyone can enjoy and can feel happy about drinking.

Not one bad review, which is a long way from the beginning of the San Diego shop that started about 4 years ago. The only comment that everyone seemed to mention, which either could of been a good or a troublesome point, was that it wasn't too hoppy. Now this is a 180 from what is now the conventional San Diego IPA, where the hopier the better, although To Heroes IPA is a craft beer, it is the not the hipster craft where you literally have to jerk off a fish to get that Scuplin zing thats all the crave with San Diego IPAs. This beer is quite mellow in the hops arena, only 10 ounces of a single Columbia hop was used, providing only one distinct hop flavoring that was balanced by simple 2-row extract and some speciality grains. Double the hops does double the flavor, but if you go more than that you're just trying to hard to be cool.

Brewing on Memorial Day made for a solemn time of remembrance and thoughtfulness for the brave men and women of our past, present, and future's military. A long six hours of high intense heat and pressure, made for a good day of brewing. Learned a lesson though when cooling down the wort, if you use a copper spun wort chiller connected to a hose of water don't put the tail end on your grass thinking your going to save the world by watering the grass, hello! The heat from the wort will kill that shit quick! Trust me better to just dump it down the the drain and take the hit on the water bill then spend the next year trying to regrow grass in your front yard.

4th of July brought a day of drinking on the boat, sailing around Coranado, and feeling blessed that we got to feel great on the birthday of our nation. There was a solid 12 bottles of 16oz the IPA that got drank, it was a weird change up when we went to Coors Light after that, but it was getting hot so all needed to rehydrate. I brought the remainder of the beer into work on a Friday, which again was a huge success, everyone seemed to like it with the same comment that "yeah it's not too hoppy, I like that..".

This was one for the ages, however Halloween is just around the corner and I can't wait until we decide on which beer to brew then!

The Brew

  • Style

    American IPA

    Mmmm Mmmm Goood!
  • Starting Water

    15 gallons

    Water from the garage tap. Just keeping record of the amount of water I've started with befroe each brew.
  • Pre Boil Gravity


    Taking the gravity before the boil, to make sure the boil went well.
  • Original Gravity


    The Original Gravity is the specific gravity measured before fermentation. Gravity is the ratio of the density of a sample to the density of water. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • Final Gravity


    The Final Gravity is the specific gravity measured at the completion of fermentation. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • ABV


    Alcohol By Volume. How much alcohol is in the beer, the higher the drunker you get! This one the math and gravities were a little off.
  • Extra Light Dry Extract US (3.0 SRM)


    Very light color dry malt extract for general purpose use. Use as base or to increase gravity of any ale or lager.
  • Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM)


    Adds body, color and improves head retention. Also called "Crystal" malt.
  • Columbus [14.90 %]

    2oz at 60min. 4oz at 5min., 4oz at 1min.

    Engineered Centennial Substitute - High alpha bittering hops. Used for: Bittering, flavor, aroma - IPA, American Pale Ale, Stout, Lager Aroma: Pungent, spicy. Strongly aromatic, but clean tasting bitterness Substitutes: Centennial
  • Whirlfloc

    1 Tablet at 15min.

    Used to clear up the beer.
  • Yeast

    2 California Ale (White Labs #WLP001) [35.49 ml]

    Very clean flavor, balance and stability. Accentuates hop flavor Versitile - can be used to make any style ale. These microscopic fungi are the mojo in the juice when it comes to Alcohol. They consume sugar, then piss carbonation and shit alchole, then reproduce and do it again.
  • Unflavored Gelatin

    1 packet in Secondary

    Clear, unflavored gelatin can be added to the brew during fermenting as a clearing agent much like whirlfloc. I added this between my Primary and Secondary.
  • IBU


    International Bittering Units. The measurement of bitterness of the beer ranging from 0 to 100, where 100 is super hoppy.
  • SRM Color Scale


    Number guide to beer color, 0 - 40 Yellow into Black
    color guide
  • Finial Amount

    7 Gallons

    The finial amount of beer I got at the end of the whole brewing process

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