Three Amigos

A Belgian Specialty mixed with a San Diego flare with a pinch of friendship. BueBeer's Three Amigos Belgian Specialty Ale is just more than a sweet delight, it's a powerful bond between the men and women who drink it. It's like if you were at a party and you saw some random person in the corner, you could go up to them and ask "hey, have you had that BueBeer Three Amigos Belgian Specialty Ale?", and if they have, ...that could end up as a great amazing night!

It was fun brewing this batch! My original intention was to brew 10 gallons just in time for Halloween, however the boiling rate for water drop off is pretty high. I filled my 20 gallon tun up with over 15 gallons and actually only yielding just over 5 after all fermentation and kegging.

My buddy Graham Magee and his friend Shaun came over to the brewery to give a helping hand and to learn the master craft of what is BueBeer. And what is BueBeer exactly? Well honestly we are all still figuring it out but basically it's all about making beer and then drinking it! Simple right? Yes, it is, there's nothing more complicated than that staple in the motto of BueBeer Drinking. So, While we were brewing we also watched a little bit of the World Series which was cool because those dudes are huge baseball fans.

A little about the brew, so I mentioned I originally wanted 10 gallons of beer, So I bought over 20lbs of grain thinking that should be good. That included 16lbs of 2 row, which in the end made the beer pretty sweet to the taste. Knowing this beforehand I tried to offset that with some earthy hops like Fuggles, Vanguard, and Mt. Hood. Also there was some earthy grains too like Biscuit and Victoria. Now also at my huge facility that I brew my beer in, I have absolutely no temp control over fermenting other than the house thermostat so I used the highest temp yeast I could find which was WhiteLabs WLP550 Belgian Ale. 2 weeks later, boom an amazing sweet Belgian Ale.

Now this wasn't the best of the best, I used unfiltered water, my measurements were way the fuck off and I had a disastrous situation with my CO-2 having a leak in it and running out so on Halloween it was semi-flat. I also put the gelatin in way too early that killed the fermentation half way through and I didn't achieve my end goal of having two complete kegs for Halloween. But all in all, people seemed to enjoy it, it does taste good, and does have a kick around 4.7%. I learned a lot for next time too and would want to recreated it maybe next year.

...Yeah thats good beer. ...Great Smooth tasting amber with a sweet finish. ...My kind of beer.
~Graham Magee

The Brew

  • Style

    Belgian Specialty Ale

    This category encompasses a wide range of Belgian ales produced by truly artisanal brewers! This a extremly variable ale that can go in any direction.
  • Starting Water

    15 gallons

    Just keeping record of the amount of water I've started with befroe each brew.
  • Pre Boil Gravity


    Taking the gravity before the boil, to make sure the boil went well.
  • Original Gravity


    The Original Gravity is the specific gravity measured before fermentation. Gravity is the ratio of the density of a sample to the density of water. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • Final Gravity


    The Final Gravity is the specific gravity measured at the completion of fermentation. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • ABV


    Alcohol By Volume. How much alcohol is in the beer, the higher the drunker you get! This one the math and gravities were a little off.
  • IBU


    International Bittering Units. The measurement of bitterness of the beer ranging from 0 to 100, where 100 is super hoppy.
  • SRM Color Scale


    Number guide to beer color, 0 - 40 Yellow into Black
    color guide
  • Finial Amount

    5.5 Gallons

    The finial amount of beer I got at the end of the whole brewing process
  • Calories


    Calories per 12oz bottle.
  • Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (2.0 SRM)


    German base for Pilsners and Bohemian Lagers
  • Victory Malt (25.0 SRM)


    Toasted malt that adds a "Biscuit" or toasted flavor to English ales. Use for: Nut brown ales, porters.
  • Biscuit Malt (23.0 SRM)


    Use for English ales, brown ales and porters. Adds a biscuit like flavor and aroma.
  • Caravienne Malt (22.0 SRM)


    Light Belgian crystal malt. Used in light Trappist and Abbey style Belgian ales.
  • Vanguard [5.50 %]

    1oz at 60min

    Used for: European lagers, ales Aroma: Strong aromatic notes.
  • Mt. Hood [6.00 %]

    1oz at 5min

    Mild with a clean aroma, neutral flavor. Somewhat pungent.
  • Fuggles [4.50 %]

    2oz at 30min

    Used for: General purpose bittering/aroma for English Ales, Dark Lagers Aroma: Mild, soft, grassy, floral aroma.
  • Yeast

    Belgian Ale (White Labs #WLP550)

    Phenolic and spicy flavors. Complex profile, with less fruitiness than White's Trappist Ale strain. examples: Belgian Ales, Saisons, Belgian Reds, Belgian Browns, White beers.
  • Whirlfloc

    .5 Tablet

    Used to clear up the beer.
  • Gelatin

    1.5 packet

    Used to clear up the beer. Dropped after secondary, before cold crashing.

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A Belgian Specialty mixed with a San Diego flare with a pinch of friendship. BueBeer's Three Amigos Belgian Specialty Ale is just more than a sweet delight, it's a powerful bond between the men and women who drink it.


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