Yeah I'm an pretty much an awesome guy, been drinking beer for a while. Had my first of taste beer when I when I was about 6, I took a pull from my dads beer can and it tasted like a damn rotten tomatoe. Didn't like it all, and couldn't understand why anyone would drink it. Actually the first time I got drunk wasn't off beer at all, I was at a party when I was about 13 and me and my friend shared a 5th of Jose Cuervo. Spent the whole next day spueing up watermelon. But I'm notorious for doing everything wrong a couple times first before getting it right. Hobbies, Work, Friends, Relationships, pretty much have had a rocky start starting out, but it usually makes time for me to shine in the end.

Take beer for instance, I couldn't stand the shit 20 years ago but now I'm a seasoned pro with, unfortunetly, a keg belly to prove it. It's a great drink, if of course your drink it responsibly. Believe me I've had my gutter moments! But if you remember to drink it for the taste and sometimes to get a small buzz, regulate your intake and take precautionary messures for your fuck ups, which are going to happen, beer can be an amazing experience that you'll never forget. ...Well you'll most likely forget, but you'll remember something happened for sure!